Capturing the Craft

Capturing the Craft

Studio 120 is gearing up to shoot a reality series on craft beer brewing.  The network television pilot for “Capturing the Craft” will be executed in the month of August located in and around the Twin Cities.  Each one hour episode highlights three breweries crafting their own flavorful, unique variety of locally brewed, one of a kind beer.  Studio 120 will be on site throughout the brewing process to get a glimpse of what happens behind the scenes.

The episodes will showcase elements of the brewing method as to how they are formulated down to a science beginning with the milling process followed by mashing, lautering, boiling, fermentation and finalizing with conditioning.

In addition to the brewing process, Studio 120 would like to hone in on what sets local craft breweries apart, the differences of operation, branding techniques and what obstacles are faced on a daily basis owning and working at a brewery.

Candidates for “Capturing the Craft” will attend an event at a local taproom open to the general public where judging will take place and the winner will be based on ballots completed by event attendees.  All candidates will brew the same style of beer that includes a secret ingredient announced by Studio 120.


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