Silver Telly Award

Silver Telly Award

Studio 120 is proud to announce that we have been presented with the Silver Telly Award for our production of the short documentary, “The Thin Blue Line”.  For over a quarter century, the Telly statuette has been a symbol of creative excellence.  Silver Winners are awarded a Silver Telly statuette, the highest honor.

The award holds a great deal of significance for it represents such a prodigious cause.

The Thin Blue Line

The film visits with family, friends and fellow police officers to learn how Line of Duty Deaths affect the entire community.  Christine Crittenden as the widow of Officer Richard Crittenden who had been killed in the line of duty on 9-7-2009, purchased her husband’s squad car in 2011.  With the help of former Police Chief Roger Schroeder, they turned the automobile into The Thin Blue Line Memorial Vehicle.  Their creation serves as a moving memorial to all police Line Of Duty Deaths in the State of Minnesota.  Studio 120’s hope is it will help communities throughout our country better understand what police officers risk every day to ensure our safety.  The short documentary directed and videographed by Studio 120’s Executive Producer, Mitch Waters was filmed in and around the Twin Cities from February to May of 2014.  The presentation was screened at the Twin Cities Film Fest in mid-October at the West End in St Louis Park.



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