Studio 120 Fitness Video Production

Studio 120 Fitness Video Production

Studio 120 is on a health kick.

Maneuvering our production equipment up, down and side-to-side may be enough to break a sweat for our filming crew but that’s what happens behind the camera where the real workout takes place!

Studio jobs have taken off in terms of full-length fitness video shoots and they just keep coming.  Our most recent shoot was with Chantal Dalabona who has developed an innovative technique called Ketoga.  The Ketoga method focuses on strength and conditioning by incorporating elements of yoga with the use of kettlebells and dumbbells.

The shoot took place at Warehouse Winery, an event venue located in Minneapolis, MN.  The artistically crafted space accentuated the movement and flow of Chantal’s Ketoga fitness routine.


Twin Cities video production About Chantal

Chantal was born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa.  She discovered her passion for health & fitness at an early age and is now dedicated to sharing her robust living style, exercise and nutrition concepts with others.  Spending twelve years in the industry as a fitness professional, Chantal is a certified yoga instructor and wellness coach.


Why Ketoga?

Ketoga was created for the yoga lover who wants to tone and sculpt the body, the professional who wants to experience optimal strength and flexibility, the mom who requires a workout that is simple, effective and efficient, and anyone who is ready to step it up and go to the next level in terms of strength and balance.

Through the use of kettlebells, a center of gravity is created to promote balance and stability while building a stronger core.  It incorporates a large range of motion that develops greater muscle strength while training the body as a whole.

Ketoga will be released for purchase on DVD or OnDemand soon!  If you would like to learn more or speak with Chantal, Click Here to connect with her on LinkedIn.


Ketoga video preview coming soon!


Studio 120 Fitness Video Production

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