Video Pre-Production Planning Check-list

Video Pre-Production Planning Check-list

Thinking about or ready to produce a marketing, corporate or identity video for your organization?  There are a few things you should take into account before initiating the process.

1. Define your ultimate objective.

Raise awareness
Drive traffic to a landing page
Motivate your prospects to buy your product or service
Influence key decision-makers within your industry
Clearly differentiate from your competitors
Educate a new target audience on important issues affecting your industry
2. Define your audience.

3. Develop your message.  What are the ideas, themes or topics you need to communicate?

Problem solving
Building Trust
Brand Awareness
4. What’s your budget?
Locate a video similar to what you’re envisioning and ask potential production companies: ‘What would a video like this cost to make?’

5. Planned Distribution
Social Media
Physical Media
6. Concept – What is the intended objective for this video?

7. Treatment and Storyboard.

Script / Narration – what is being said by whom on-screen or as a voice-over?
What is being shown on screen – where is the action taking place and who or what is in each scene?
What other elements (logos, text, animations, common gateway interface, music tracks, sound effects etc.), are needed to support what is being said and shown?
8. Length of Video.
How long do you need to express the definitive objective of your video?

Once you’re able to define your target audience and determine what you want your video to accomplish, you’re ready to begin the project.


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