Digital Cinema Package


Studio 120 offers the latest technology, experience, and creativity to bring your film to the big screen. Our digital cinema packages provide you with all the image, audio and data streams into one universal standard that allows your film to be played at any theater.
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Why DCP?

DCP, or digital cinema packages, are a collection of digital files that convert your film into a format compatible with the equipment housed in any commercial theater projector (known as a D-Cinema theater.) Digital copies are not only more durable than 35mm, but most theaters aren’t compatible with 35mm anymore- everything is digital!

Studio 120

If you’re looking for digital cinema packages that will bring your film to the next level, you need Studio 120. Our competitive pricing, top of the line engineers, and dedication to our clients ensures that you will not only be able to play your film in any theater, but on your timeline and on your budget.