Video Production


You don’t need us to tell you that video is growing exponentially. New avenues of delivery for messaging, information, and entertainment have brought video to the personal intimacy of the handheld device, laptop, or tablet, and to the mass-audience, shared-experience environments of broadcast and digital signage. With the multitude of options, how do you decide which is right for you, and when, and how?
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Let Studio 120 be your trusted content creation partner.

We start in the right place. It may seem obvious, but far too many campaigns fall apart before they ever get off the ground. There is simply no substitute for a full and detailed understanding of you, your business, your message, and your end user’s experience. Our creative discovery and personal communication give us the insight to design and deliver your message with accuracy and impact.

True, making great video requires technical and creative skills. We have those in our award-winning team of engineers, technicians and creatives—but our foundation is built on relationships, communication, and trust.

Our experience, honed over decades of meeting the diverse creative and technical needs for clients has allowed us to refine an approach built on our understanding of what is emotionally impactful, delivers messaging successfully, and gives a value return on your investment.

Your message matters. It deserves to be created, curated and delivered with that in mind. If this rings true, you’ve found your ally. Together we can tell your story.