Digital Cinema Packages

In working with Studio 120 for the Twin Cities Film Fest this year, we have nothing but praise for their hard work and attention to detail in helping us produce the highest quality DCP files. The team at Studio 120 took our project and worked diligently to make sure that we were happy with the end result. The pricing for DCP conversion at Studio 120 is very competitive and we’ve even recommended some of our filmmakers to them for that reason. We hope to form a long term relationship with Studio 120 as we grow our organization.


—Jatin Setia - Twin Cities Film Fest Founder

Digital Cinema Packages

Studio 120 is one of the few companies possessing the latest technology, experience and knowledgeable engineers to assist with the generation of digital cinema packages.


What is a Digital Cinema Package?

Digital Cinema Packages, or DCP, is a collection of digital files (equivalent to a 35mm film print), that store and transfer digital cinema image, audio and data streams.  These files are converted into a format compatible with the equipment housed in a commercial theater (also known as “D-Cinema”), projector.  Similar to 35mm print, DCP is a universal standard and any D-Cinema theater would be able to accommodate your presentation without issue.
Compatibility – As a result of the development of D-Cinema, 35mm film has virtually disappeared over the last few years.  Most theaters no longer support this format!  Essentially, all new theaters are digital only and thus, you’ll need a DCP.
Another advantage of DCP’s is their ability to outlast 35mm.  Digital copies are incredibly durable so you’ll never experience a broken, scratched or dirty DCP.


DCP Pricing

  • 2K DCP – $8 per minute (under 20 minutes – $150 flat)
  • 4K DCP – $12 per minute (under 20 minutes – $300 flat)
  • Download data charge – $75 minimum
  • USB flash drive – $75 flat fee
  • Hard drive – $75 flat fee
  • Delivery charge – $75 minimum

Standard Package Includes:

*Pricing for 2K DCP*

  • Frame-rate adjustment
  • Color-space adjustment
  • Audio sample rate adjustment
  • File transfer to drive
  • Add Subtitles (if Provided)

**IMPORTANT NOTE** All Images MUST be provided with 100% accurate Color-Space, Gamma, and Code Value Range Information (head vs full). Failure to provide accurate data may result in additional charges and delay agreed upon project completion time(s).

Other Formats
QuickTime® , Apple ProRes 422 (4444, HQ, LT; Proxy)
Avid DNxHD®
Panasonic DVCPRO-HD and AVC-Intra

Additional Service Provided:

Audio level adjustments
Color correction
Track designation
Video Editing
Working for a video tape
Video noise removal
Video noise reduction
Film Grain removal
Film scratch removal
Film wow and flutter audio correction
Archiving data
Blu-ray backup data format
SD<->HD conversion
Quality assurance
Academy/ Oscar certified

The undersigned agrees that all information is correct and accurate and grants permission to Studio 120 to create digital elements for the purpose of theatrical and electronic distribution.

FOR VALUE RECEIVED, receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, and for other good and valuable consideration, the undersigned hereby agrees forever to indemnify and hold harmless from and against any and all claims, suits, damage or damages and/or loss or losses and/or action or actions of any kind as the result of and arising out of the use and/or display of customer supplied audio files, video files, data files, video tapes and/or hard-drives or the products and services provided by Studio 120.

  • DCP Customer Information

    • The following information is required for Digital Cinema Initiative (DCI) naming convention standard.

    • Describe what you will be delivering us:

    • Tape Format (e.g. HDCAM SR 1080p)Frame Rate: 
    • Specify the file format (e.g Tiff, DPX, QuickTime)If QuickTime Specify the format (e.g. ProRes 444HQ) 
    • Frame RateAspect RatioImage Size (e.g.1920 x 1080) 
    • TRTColor-Space (e.g. REC 702Full or Head 
    • Hard MatteSub-titles3D 
    • Audio Specs:

    • Audio Format (e.g. WAV, AIFF)Stereo or Mono 
    • Ch1:Ch2:Ch3:Ch4: 
    • Ch5:Ch6:Ch7:Ch8: 
    • Aspect Ratio (e.g. 1.85, 2.39)Letterbox 
    • MPA RatingDo you require a DCDM (additional cost) 

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