Media Development and Distribution

Leave your manufacturing of CD, DVD, Blu-Ray and USB media to the masters. We can handle any size orders.

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adsgroup-logo_widgetStudio 120 offers the added convenience of media manufacturing.  Our parent company The ADS Group, is an industry leading provider of premium-quality DVD and CD replications.  Whether you need a few hundred or a million-plus DVDs, CDs or USB flash drives, we can handle all aspects:  replication, labeling, printing, packaging and distribution.

Services include:

  • Physical Media Production:  Any-size orders of CDs, DVDs, Blue Ray or USB drive duplication and replication
  • Creative Services:  Graphic design, pre-flight, printing
  • Packaging:  Design, assembly, fulfillment and distribution
  • Media Production: Audio, video, interactive apps, closed captioning and titling

Not sure where to begin?  Learn more at The ADS Group.