Testing and Assessment Programs

Studio 120 has been a provider of top-quality audio and video assessments for decades. The creation and development of education programs for schools has been a cornerstone of our business from the beginning. In the 1960’s, as EMC corporation, we were one of the first to produce reel to reel programs in Spanish for public schools, then film strips for classrooms. Today, in addition to creating media for digital books delivered via the Internet, Studio 120 creates audio and video files for testing programs, Interactive programs and state assessments in Sign Language (ASL and PSE). Partnering with various companies, we have produced many testing programs for the following state Departments of Education:
• Indiana
• Missouri
• Wyoming
• Minnesota
• South Carolina
• Louisiana
• Idaho
• Utah
• Hawaii

We also have experience in script writing and item development for assessments, converting test booklets into scripts usable for audio or video recording and delivery.


We record and produce many video assessments in ASL (American Sign Language) and PSE (Pidgin Signed English). Our experienced, professional signers are well trained in how to sign for testing programs. We record these tests on our own sound stage with state of the art cameras and lighting.


Recording, Translation and Programming Services

Recording & Video

Our state-of-the-art studio is an acoustically designed environment that is ideally suited for many types of media projects. The recently constructed space, measuring 18 feet wide by 15 feet deep with a 12-foot high ceiling, was designed and built using the most up-to-date techniques in professional studio design and acoustic treatment. A variety of dynamic, condenser and ribbon microphones and a full complement of outboard compressor/limiters, equalizing and processing equipment are used to optimize quality and deliver outstanding soundtracks.

Types of projects:

• Audio and Video for Online and CDROM Testing Programs
• Audio Books and Interactive Books
• Foreign Language audio textbooks and ESL Teaching Programs
• Promotional or Informational Programs
• Broadcast Spots
• Soundtracks for Video, DVD and Interactive Media
• Podcast or Internet Audio Files for Web Delivery
• Standard and High-Definition Video Production
• DVD and Blu-Ray Authoring and Menu Design

Studio 120 features:

• In-house production / engineering team with over 90 years of combined experience
• Digital recording using Pro Tools, Wave Lab, Sound Forge & Samplitude digital audio workstations
• Audio for video with frame-accurate sync to video. Supported NTSC video formats include
HDTV, Betacam SP, Digital Betacam, DVCam, ¾”, DVC-Pro, D2, 1” Type C
• Large and diverse voice talent pool, including trained native speakers of Spanish, French, Japanese, Chinese, German and other languages, drawn from radio, television, theatre and the professional trades, e.g. college professors, teachers and professional speakers
• Phone patch service, allowing remote monitoring of live recording sessions
• Extensive music and sound effects libraries, custom music scoring and sound design
• System network linking all audio & video production rooms and centralized equipment. bays, allowing for the timely distribution and handling of work flow
• Complete project security and confidentiality



We can take your audio or video recording in any currently usable media format, including DVD, and create a clear, accurate, word for word script that can be used for editing, closed captioning, or any other purpose you may require.



We have excellent and long-standing relationships with many independent translators as well as excellent and experienced translation companies. We have created extensive audio and video projects in Spanish, German, French, French-Canadian, Dutch, Vietnamese, Somali, Hmong, Japanese, and Chinese. Our recording artists are native speakers with many years of translating, interpreting, studio directing and recording experience. Many are on-air radio talent, professors
or published scholars in their respective languages and cultures. The St. Paul-Minneapolis area is home to many prestigious universities with international scholars and students, among them Macalester College, Hamline University, Augsburg College and the University of Minnesota.
We also draw from an outstanding community of narrators, actors, musicians and singers. Our translation partners can translate to and from over 100 languages including Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Greek, Arabic, Japanese, Dutch, Spanish and French. Project types range
from technical documentation for medical devices and industrial equipment to websites, software and marketing collateral.


Language Instruction

We produce audio files for Internet and audio CDs to accompany a variety of language textbooks. Examples include:

Pearson Education: FRENCH: 2015 Rond Point 2e, 2012 Points de depart – College-level French program SPANISH: Arriba 2012, ANDA Elementary and 2012 ANDA Intermedio –2011 Gente, College-level Spanish courses
GERMAN: Treffpunkt Deutsch – College-level German program

Scott Foresman: Lectura – Grades K-3 Elementary Spanish reading program
EMC-Paradigm Press – T’es Branché Levels 1-3 College level French


Internet-accessible Audio

Harcourt Achieve: Cycles – A program to teach English usage (60,000+ mp3 files recorded and custom named for program)

Pearson Education: ongoing Medical Glossaries to accompany medical textbooks (in
English and Spanish)

EMC / Paradigm: audio to accompany Medical Terminology textbook


Audio for Video

We record audio for video presentations, offering the option to replace an English language soundtrack with one or more versions in other languages:

Star Thrower: Your Summit Awaits – A video in which the English soundtrack was redone in French-Canadian.

Unitron – Hearing devices – online promotions in German, French, Spanish and Japanese


Interactive Reading and Testing Programs

In addition to providing audio files for audio CD and MP3 programs, Studio 120 also designs programs that combine an audio soundtrack with a visual document such as a PDF file or an interface using Flash software. We have embedded thousands of MP3 sound files into full-color PDF book pages for children’s reading programs, with audio icons to click with a mouse to hear the text. Our capabilities in Flash allow highlighting of text and other interactive controls, which we have used in various book projects. Test programs are usually less elaborate, to ensure that all end users have no difficulty with navigation. We also offer Kurzweil 3000 file conversion, the production of signing videos, scripting and recording of audio versions of test instructions, and
creation of print-ready PDFs of instructions.

Recorded Textbooks / Curriculum Support Materials

McDougal-Littell: High School Biology – A high school biology textbook formatted as MP3
files (an on-line supplement for student use).
SRA / McGraw-Hill: Kaleidoscope Levels A-E – 126 reading selections recorded and mixed for
Listening Library compilation.

School Assessment

Data Recognition Corporation: Minnesota Basic Skills Test – An audio version of the test
given to assess student development.
Questar Assessments: UALPA Test for state of Utah – An audio version of the test given to assess student development.

Instrumental Accompaniments and Vocals

Studio 120 offers a variety of music services for client projects. One example:

SRA/McGraw Hill: Imagination, Songs & Sounds – A collection of children’s songs and sound effects used for an instructional program for Grade K students. We created all original music and backing tracks as well as vocal performances and print-ready scores.

Flash and HTML 5 Programming Services

Studio 120 partners with experienced developers of Flash-based CD-ROM and HTML 5 web-based programs for educational and corporate applications. Examples are online assessment tools for ACA International, health and Spanish language teaching supplements produced for the McGraw-Hill School Solutions Group, full-screen captions with compressed video grabs for NKP, professional testing interactive CD-ROMs for Harcourt Assessment, enhanced interactive E-book series for Stone Arch Books and Rourke Publishing, and many other successful interactive projects.

Ongoing and Recently Completed Projects

Rosen Publishing, NY, NY: 13 Colonies, Spotlight on Texas, Spotlight on New York, Powerkids Press – Stop Bullying Now! and The Animals of Asia.

Gareth Stevens Publishing, NY, NY: Interactive E-Books, Fun Fact File Series – Heroes of the
US Military.

Dragon Door Publications, Inc.: Audio for DVD series – Convict Conditioning.

Deirdre Marie Capone: Best-selling audio book – Uncle Al Capone (edited and mastered by
Studio 120).

Prime Resource Group: Audio book by Jeff Thull (2012) – Exceptional Selling.


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“You and the narrators from the recording sessions did such an incredible job. It has been an absolute joy working with you on our recorded books this year.”

Gina Strazzabosco-Hayn, Vice President Rosen Publishing

“The recorded test materials are perfect.  Thanks to your Studio 120 teamfor their very fast response, their accurate work on this rush project, and for their help making sure the files meet our naming requirements.  It was a pleasure to work with you.”

John Farias, Project Manager Measured Progress

“If anyone is looking for a reliable, thorough and attentive audio vendor, I strongly recommend soliciting a bid from Studio 120.  They definitely earned five out of five stars for the work they did on the Reading My Sidewalks audio text program.”

Emil M. Heidkamp, Multimedia Specialist Educational Technology, Scott Foresman

“Thank you for the great job you did scripting and recording these programs. You are the greatest!”

Lisa Kelley, Senior Procurement Specialist Assessment and Information, Pearson Education

“Many thanks for your help in getting this large audio project done so soon.  Your company is so wonderful and it’s always such a pleasure to work with you.”

Jane Archer Feinstein, Supervising Editor Harcourt Achieve

“We all appreciate your consistently accurate and high-quality work on our world language recordings, and are very happy with the range of voices you make available.”

Meriel Martinez, Media Editor, World Languages Pearson/Prentice Hall